If you recently updated the firmware on a KT-1010 device and Kramer Control will not update please follow the steps below. The firmware version affected is Version

Process needed to Update Kramer Control

  1. Go to the settings of the KT-1010
    • You may have to remove the KT-1010 from its dock to access the menu button
  2. Once in settings go to Apps
  3. Scroll until you find Kramer Control
  4. Select Kramer Control
  5. Uninstall Kramer Control from the KT-1010
  6. Open this link on the KT-1010 (or download the latest version of Kramer Control to install via USB)

Once downloaded, you will be able to install Kramer Control from the download icon in the top left of the screen

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Last modified: 18 April 2022


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