With the release of Kramer Control v2.0 we have included many new features within the Kramer Control Builder. Those features and a list of bug fixes can be found below. Follow the links to learn more about these new feature we have added!

New Features

v1.0 – Calendar Integration
Move Actions Up/Down
Global Navigation
Kramer KDS Gateway

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issue where multiple events are added to a widget without adding a scrollbar to navigate the list of events
  • Corrected issue where Referenced devices were not appearing as connected to gateways
  • Corrected issue where the delete icon was not appearing when sub-conditional was selected. Icon would only appear when the entire conditional was selected
  • Corrected issue where the font type inside the builder was not properly showing the selected font
  • Corrected issue where undo button does not work after a button has been manually resized
Revision: 5
Last modified: 24 January 2019


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