Follow the steps below to update the firmware on the brain hardware. This only affects the brain, this will not update the firmware on the hardware unit itself.


  1. Download KUpload
    Click here to find the latest KUpload version
  2. Download the latest Brain firmware
    Click here to locate the latest brain firmware
  3. Connect to brain
    Enter IP address of the brain and we recommend connecting via TCP port 5000 for a quicker upload process
    After connecting unit name, mac address and gateway information fields will fill on left side of the screen
  4. Browse for Brain firmware file
    Clicking browse will open a directory search of your computer. Locate the brain firmware file from the downloads folder of your computer
  5. Click Upload
    Upload process begins. Upon finishing the brain hardware is restarted
    To confirm the new version was uploaded go :8000/kramer-ui/index.html and check that the brain version matches the file name that was downloaded

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Last modified: 27 May 2021


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