With the release of v1.2, the programmer can now build a button that sets the value of Device 1 to the State of Device B. A practical example of this would be an Audio mixer used across multiple zones. If Zone A is currently in use and you enable Zone B but want the Volume levels to match upon Power On, you can execute a Set Level to State of Zone A command. This process is explained below.


  1. Launch Builder
  2. Import Devices
  3. Add Button widgets

In this example, I will be using the Kramer VP-558. The example will set the Output Line 1 Out, to match the State of the Output Line 2 Out.

Within the Category, select the Volume option – drag the Set Volume Level command to your previously added button. This popup will appear within the builder

Select the Advanced Options icon within the popup, the popup window changes

The first option of Value, is the standard option that has appeared within the Kramer Builder previously. The third option for User Input is covered within this article

By selecting the State Option, the popup once again changes. Within our example and the VP558, we are going to use the Value option for the Output and the State option for Level

Within the State selection area, we will select the Device on the left and the Category on the Right

NOTE You will notice some options are not selectable, that is due to the Parameter types not matching. This feature of Setting the value of a button press to the state of a device, requires that the Parameter options match:

  • String to String
  • Number to Number
  • Boolean to Boolean

For our VP558 example, we want to Change the value of Output to Line 1 Out and we want the Volume Level to match the Volume Level of Line 2 Out

Once these options have been selected, hit the Ok button and your Action field will now appear like this

Publish your changes and test within your Client device.

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Last modified: 1 November 2017


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