This patch release only affects the Kramer Control Manager, Kramer Control Builder, and Kramer Control Device Driver Editor. The most up-to-date Brain version is 2.4.3

Fixes and Improvements


  • Added the capability to request and download publishing files from the Manager


  • Fixed copy and paste of buttons that included update properties
  • Fixed the ability to add actions to button Release gesture
  • Improved the default update property value to UI state instead of Default image
  • Fixed the copy and paste of widgets between Overlays of different dimensions
  • Fixed copy and paste of interfaces between projects.
    • Interfaces will appear after pasting inside new project, but the image libraries are not created. You will need to add the image libraries to the new project in order for images to be added to new buttons)

Device Driver Editor

  • Fixed LUA drivers not having the LUA editing value checked when opening the DDE
Revision: 2
Last modified: 10 September 2020


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