Version 2.6.3 is a hot fix release to address issues with Reference Space Publishing. We found and fixed an issue where large scale projects with large amounts of space references would overwhelm our servers and prevent Brains from downloading the new publishing file.

With 2.6.3 we have released new firmware for

  • All Brains types
    • SL-240C
    • SL-280
    • Android applications
    • KC BRAINware Server Brains

If you previously updated your Brain to version 2.6.0, you will not see a version mismatch when publishing from Builder, or when using the client applications

Server Brains

If you are using a server Brain, you can ssh into the server hardware and run two commands

  • kramer docker pull brain
  • kramer docker update_all brains
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Last modified: 13 August 2021


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