Roles Matrix

Below you will find the matrix indicating the abilities that exist within each role type

C = The ability to create new content within the specified function
R = Read only ability. This means the role can only see the content, no editing of any kind is allowed.
U = Update ability. The role is allowed to alter previously created content.
D = Delete ability. The role has the capability to delete content

Ranking of roles, based on capabilities, appears from left to right. Owner – Admin – Programmer – Contractor – Business Manager – Support Technician

App Function Owner Admin Programmer Contractor IT Manager Support Tech
Manager Project Access C/R/U/D C/R/U C/R/U C/R/U R/U C/R
Manager Un-assign Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manager Space Access C/R/U/D C/R/U/D C/R/U/D R/U R R
Manager Remote Access Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Manager Brain Update Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Manager Brain Unprovision Yes No No No Yes No
Client App Provision Brain Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Client App Unprovision Brain Yes No No No No No
Client App Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Builder Builder Access Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Dashboard Dashboard Access Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Dashboard Alerts/Notifications C/R/U/D C/R/U/D C/R/U/D C/R/U/D C/R/U/D
Control Remote Access Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
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Last modified: 28 January 2019


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