Devices aliases are used when a single piece of hardware requires an ID to communicate with the physical device. An example of this would be a lighting system, if you know Node 10 is the Podium light, we would create an alias entitled podium light.

Creating the alias

Import devices

  1. Double click on the imported device
  2. Click on Add Alias
  3. Enter alias information
    Alias name is the common name, our example was podium
    Actual value is the device ID that corresponds to the alias, our example was 10
  4. Repeat steps for additional aliases

Using aliases

Add widget to page
NOTE Aliases can also be used in macros and events

  1. Drag command to widget
  2. Within pop up select the alias from dropdown

Alias Followup

Aliases will work with many devices other than lights. Switchers including: A/V receivers, Matrix switchers, and audio matrixes are other examples of equipment that benefits from using aliases. Instead of having to remember which input is which, where each output destination is or what node id is used for each light – create an alias for each to further speed up your programming.

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