If you use the Google Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit for meetings then you can use Kramer Control to not only control the displays and all other equipment but you can also control the Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit from within Kramer Control as well for a single all encompassing solution.

Required Equipment

Google Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit

Control Cables

In order to control the Asus Chromebox that runs Meet you will need to purchase a specialized cable that will allow Kramer Control to talk to the Chromebox. These cables are available from Intelletto Technologies. They have two different models that support HID or Keyboard Conversion. Follow the links below to purchase. Both of these cables have been tested with Kramer Control and the Google Hangouts Meet Hardware Kit.
Serial to HID Keyboard Converter – HIDMDB9USBA-3E
Ethernet to HID Keyboard Converter – SE100-U


Once you have connected the Hangouts Kit to your display and you have the Intelletto cable properly connected to either a Kramer SL/FC device for Serial control or to your network for IP Control you can now use the driver within the Kramer Control database to control the Hangouts Meet Kit.

Import the Intelletto driver

  1. Click on the ‘+’ icon within the Driver Tab in the Builder
  2. Select ‘Add a Device from the database’
  3. Click on ‘Next’
  4. Enter the manufacturer – Intelletto – *Note – The same driver will work for both models above
  5. Click on ‘Next’
  6. Click on ‘Add’
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Last modified: 22 November 2021


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