When controlling a DirecTV Genie client system, the Genie clients operate through the main Genie DVR unit’s IP address.
In this article we explain the builder setup for controlling 2 clients through a single Genie DVR.

Information you need to know:

  • IP address of main Genie DVR
  • MAC addresses of each Genie client box
  1. Open Builder for the controlled space.
  2. Add the DirecTV Genie Clients.
  3. Create Aliases.
    • When creating aliases for Client boxes, enter the MAC address in all capital letters with no special characters.
    • Example AABBCCDDEEFF

Using Aliases

  1. Add a button widget to the page/overlay.
  2. Drag a command from the DirecTV device.
  3. Select Alias from the popup screen.

Hardware Setup

  1. Create a Network gateway.
  2. Drag the device to the gateway.
    • Since the device routing is handled via Aliasing, there is only a single device to add to the gateway.
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Last modified: 26 March 2018


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