Within the center pane you will find the Builder Tool bar. This article provides a brief explanation of each tool found within the toolbar. Clicking on the header of the topic will link to a separate article with further explanation of the feature.


The first set of icons on the toolbar enables changing the zoom level in the center pane.


The second set of icons is used to combine widgets into a single entity


The third set of icons on the toolbar enables adjusting alignment and/or spacing of objects within the center pane.

Create/Edit UI Elements

The fourth set of tools on the toolbar enables creating and editing buttons, sliders, list boxes and backgrounds.


The last set of icons on the toolbar changes the visible layer of you center pane, as well as enable you to add an overlay to your page:

  • The first icon removes the background from view, enabling the user to edit only the images in focus.
  • The second icon removes all items that are not part of the background, enabling the user to edit the background image locations.
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