Version 1.3.1 of our software adds new functionality to the Kramer Control Manager as well as bug fixes to the entire system.


Tablet – BRAINwareBRAINware}


  • Un-provision Space is now available within the Manager. The user now has the ability to un-provision any space that has previously been provisioned to a functioning Brain.
  • Initial state of a referenced device is not received upon sync of brain
  • HTTPS is now supported for device communication within gateways

Brain Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issue with Macros when the controlled device is assigned to multiple gateway types
  • Corrected issue where upon sync of the Brain referenced device states are not received
  • Corrected issue where the wrong time zone appears in Dashboard live stream when publish begins
  • Corrected issue where images only referenced in global macros, and not within UI, are not loaded within client applications
  • Corrected issue where Conditional statements created within a referenced device always evaluated themselves as false
Revision: 7
Last modified: 26 December 2018


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