During troubleshooting one networking tool most often used is Ping. Ping is a great tool to confirm a device is connected to your Local Area Network. However, the use of Ping when trying to confirm that a Kramer Control Brain is properly running will not have the same results. The Ping request is made to the SL hardware and a confirmed connection to the SL hardware does not necessary guarantee that the Brain is also running. The Brain on a SL unit responds to port 8000 and this is not reported in the Ping request.

How to confirm the Brain is online

The best solution to confirming the Brain is online and operational is to go to the web address below

  • Brain_IP:8000/kramer-ui.html

Make sure to replace the Brain_IP with the IP address of the SL hardware. If the Brain is connected to the Local Area Network and is running the screen should appear as below with information pertaining to your installation

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Last modified: 1 April 2020


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