v2.0.5 is a patch release to fix bugs related to the release of v2.0.3. Below is a list of corrected issues included in the v2.0.5 patch version.

Bug Fixes


  • Corrected issue with feedbacks not being processed when using RS232, GPIO, and Relay devices connected to Brain gateway
  • Improved synchronizing time and client interface loading times when application is moved to background
  • Corrected issue where the Brain would hang while trying to leave Active state is device commands queue was full


  • Corrected issue where widget could not be made the same size as the full page or overlay
  • Corrected issue when re-sizing a full background kept the full background box checked within the properties window
  • Corrected issue where a state could not be added to a page that included a full background

Client Applications

  • Corrected issue where the device connection status was not updated when selecting a different space
  • Corrected issue where Contractor users were able to provision a Brain when using Express mode provisioning
  • Corrected issue where users were able to access the Brain and control devices when Express mode is disabled
  • Corrected issue where the Android application would crash after long periods of use
  • Corrected issue with the Android application Control button would be greyed out after a max of 5 seconds of staying on a page in Admin mode
Revision: 2
Last modified: 27 February 2019


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