This document is about integrating Asbestos Management System (AMS) with a client’s existing Property/Asset management system (referred as PMS from now on). The integration requires PSI’s Application Data Exchange (ADX).

The data exchange cycle involves –
ADX imports PMS-generated XML file containing Property data.
ADX exports asbestos data (in XML file) in a predefined format. Client’s PMS imports this XML file to update asbestos data.

Periodic update of both systems is possible by setting ADX to run as a Windows Scheduled Task.

Requirements from Client:
1. Property XML file generated by client’s Property Management system (e.g. arcHouse, Northgate).
2. A completed mapping document.
3. Asbestos Database Backup, if already using AMS applications.

Based on the mapping an ADX SQL configuration script will be created by PSI. The script need to be executed on the Asbestos database.

Required Structure for Property XML File:
The ADX imports only XML files, and a certain format has to be maintained for the XML file. MS Excel-generated XML files do not work as Microsoft puts lots of extra info into the XML file.

The tags (RootNode, PROPLINE) DO NOT have to match exactly, but the property information has to start from the 3rd hierarchy of the XML file. Here in this example property information starts from the tag PRUSRCDE which is a child of PROPLINE. Tag PROPLINE is a child of ROOTNODE.

The asbestos database has the following fields to hold property related information. These are:

This is a screenshot from a generic database. The text value for the fields may not match with the client’s database (this is because the text is configuration).

UPRN is the most important field here. This is a maximum 100-char long string to uniquely identify the Properties.

Field Field Type
UPRN 100 char long string
Property Name 100 char long string
Block 100 char long string
Property Number 100 char long string
Road 100 char long string
Town 100 char long string
County 100 char long string
Post Code 100 char long string
Tenant 100 char long string
Contact Number 100 char long string
Owner 100 char long string
Property User Code 100 char long string
Project Area Reserved for system use
Total No of Rooms Integer
Total Floors Integer
Build Date Date
Year Built Integer
Property Type 50 char long string
Status 50 char long string
Heating Type Boolean
Variant Code Reserved for use during extrapolation
Extrapolation Status Reserved for use during extrapolation
Part Of Reserved for system use. Contains UPRN of the Parent Property, if any

Export from Asbestos Database

ADX can export an XML file containing Inspection-related information. The structure of the XML file can be specified by client.

This is a screenshot of an Inspection form in AMS Manager. Again, as the text for fields can be configured, the screenshot may not exactly match with client’s Inspection form.

We can include fields from the inspection to the exported XML file. Also pre-defined fixed text can be added based on client’s requirements.

ADX For Hosting Solution

In a Hosting solution a protocol required for the exchange of Property xml file and Asbestos info xml file between the client server and PSI hosted server. Normally a FTP site is created in PSI Hosted server so that these files can be copied to and form. To make sure the FTP is in place client’s IT administrator should communicate with PSI IT and agree with the protocol.


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