Version 1.2.5 of our Software is a release that includes only bug fixes and updates. This release does not include new features.

Device Driver Editor

Brain Fixes

  • Daylight savings time not factored correctly
  • Repeated press of buttons causing significant delay within User Interfaces
  • Scheduled events not executing even if conditions are met
  • Unable to connect to Brain after closing a session that started a long macro
  • Macro actions only work once
  • Publishing while receiving multiple feedbacks prevents future publishing event to appear in dashboard
  • Layouts are not sorted in same order as they appear within Builder
  • Toggle property option is not updating when widget being referenced is modified
  • Not supporting float to integer comparisons in conditional comparison expressions
  • Dynamic parameters not sent correctly when sending a command to a device reference
  • Crash upon sending a POST command
Revision: 2
Last modified: 5 January 2018


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