For users of FlexiCAD/Flexijet Stone 3.0.16 and later (update released April 2020), please follow the following instructions.

In order to reposition the Flexijet, please follow the following steps:

  1. From the Flexijet Ribbon, click on the ‘3D Locations’ button
    Flexijet Stone 3D Location button
  1. Now, select the ‘Define’ button in the ‘New Location’ section of the Relocation window. NOTE: Name is optional and not used in the repositioning process.
    Relocation window with Define button circled
  1. Measure location points (2 minimum required) with Flexijet. The points should be at approximately the height of the Flexijet, and have the largest horizontal distance between them as possible. It is critical to use the remote control for accuracy. A minimum of 2 relocation points must be measured to define a location, but additional points can be added now, or later in order to allow for repositioning from multiple vantage points. (Single points can be added later). Flexijet will measure each of these points 5 times for added precision (with a clicking sounds followed by the measurement chime). Ideally, the two points will have a slight vertical height variation as well (one point slightly higher and one slightly lower)
    Repositioning diagram
  1. After measuring the desired amount of relocation points, press ‘Esc’ button on the Flexijet or the ‘Confirm’ checkmark to end the command.
  1. Now you can move the Flexijet laser unit. The ‘Shock Sensor’ warning message will appear on the Flexijet and in Flexijet Stone, warning that the Flexijet has been moved.
  1. TO RESUME LOCATION after moving the Flexijet laser, again select ‘3D locations’
    Flexijet Stone 3D Location button
  1. Now, select the number of points to be used to be re-measured (either 2 or 3), and click on ‘Resume’. With the checkmark next to ‘Automatic Leveling’ selected, the Flexijet will Auto-level, and is ready to re-measure the location points.
    Relocation window with Resume button circled
  1. You may re-measure any of previously defined relocation points, in any order. Flexijet will automatically determine which points have been measured and interpolate Flexijet’s new position.
  1. If successful, the command window will read ‘Location was set’

Repositioning messages

Two possible locations found

If both measurement points are set at the exact same vertical height, a pop-up window will open asking to click on the first point re-measured while resuming the location (while resuming the location). Select ‘click on the point’, and click on the first measured location point in the drawing to allow Flexijet to determine its location.
Two possibl location positions found!

In the rare event that relocation was unsuccessful or Flexijet cannot determine which measurement points have been re-measured, you will be prompted to ‘Measure again’, or to ‘Pick points Manually’. An extremely fine tolerance of ‘Maximum allowable deviation’ may also cause Flexijet cause this message.

General Preferences with Relocation annotated

Repositioning with 2 points vs 3 points

Flexijet can resume its location with 3 points instead of 2 points. Generally, it is recommended to use 2 points to resume a location for greater precision and ease, with 3 points reserved for situations where the Flexijet has been manually levelled. This would be typically used when measuring a on a boat underway.

Why reposition with 2 points?

Resuming a location using 2 points interprets the Flexijet’s location based on the relative distance and angles of the measured location points, combined with the level information from the Flexijet’s auto-levelling sensor. Especially in the case of longer distances, this means that the Flexijet will continue to measure level over these longer distances.

Repositioning with 3 points – Triangle has too acute an angle warning.
Relocation the chosen triange has a too acute angle! warning

When setting and resuming a location with 3 points, it’s important that the location points are spread out in as wide as a triangle as possible. When resuming, Flexijet does not use the data from the internal auto-levelling sensor, and instead relies upon the triangulation of the 3 points to determine it’s location, and for this reason, the 3 points must form as wide and even a triangle as possible. For example, resuming a location with 3 points where all 3 points are at the same elevation on the same wall is not possible as they do not form a triangle.

Please contact Flexijet Support at 1-844-MY-FLEXI ext 2 or with any questions!


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