Many settings can be adjusted to your desired specifications in Flexijet Stone.

The ‘General Preferences’ menu is accessible when opening Flexijet Stone, and also accessible from the ‘File’ Menu
File Menu with arrow showing General preferences bottom right

Additional settings can be adjusted using the Flexijet Software Config Tool

Contact Flexijet support at 1-844-MY-FLEXI and for more assistance.

Recent Files

In versions and later, the number of Recent Files displayed in the ‘File’ menu can be adjusted.
File menu with Recent Files highlighted

Change this setting under General Preferences > CAD Preferences > Number of Recent Files
General preferenec with Number of recent Files hoghlighted

Default template

Every new file created in Flexijet Stone/FlexiCAD is based on the Default Template file, specified in ‘General Preferences’. Templates can be created for different measuring situations. For example, you can create a template for a complete house measurement, in which a suitable folder structure is created in advance.
General Preferences with Template Drawing highlighted

To customize or create a new custom template drawing:

  • Open the desired template file you wish to customize in FlexiCAD/Flexijet Stone.
    By default, template are located at C:\ProgramData\Flexijet\FlexiCAD\templates\FXJ-Template-inch.vdf
  • Customize the dimensions, text and point styles according to your preferences.
  • Assign specific colours, line types, and line widths (Pen widths)
  • Note that template files must be saved in the .vdf format.
  • Specify the template to be used in new drawings under ‘General Preferences>CAD Preferences>Template Drawing’.

There are two options for starting a new drawing from a template:

First: You define the new template drawing as a standard template as specified in “General Preferences”. This is always used when you start FlexiCAD or if you click on the command “New”.

Second: If you have created more drawing templates and do not want to use your standard template, then click on the command “New from template”. A window with the various saved templates opens. Select the desired template and click “OK”.

Flexijet Stone File Menu with New and New from template highlighted


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