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Flexijet not connected Ensure that the computer is connected to the Flexijet’s network, and the Flexijet is displaying a green screen saying ‘Waiting for incoming application connections’ BEFORE opening FlexiCAD/Flexijet Stone. See Connecting to your Flexijet 3D
“I’m connected to the Flexijet Wifi Network, but when I open the software, it is not connected” Close all open instances of FlexiCAD/Flexijet Stone on your computer. Open FlexiCAD/Flexijet Stone again, and when the ‘General Preferences’ window appears, set the Flexijet mode to ‘Flexijet 3D 2’, NOT FlexiCAD or Flexijet 3D.
“My computer disconnected during a measurement. How can I reconnect to Flexijet?” Save your progress, and close FlexiCAD/Flexijet Stone. Ensure your computer is connected to the Flexijet 3D 2 network, and re-open your measurement file. Note: If resuming a measurement, you should not re-auto-level, as Flexijet will ‘remember’ its last position. Verify measurements and points using ‘show CAD-point’ to confirm accuracy before proceeding.
“I want to connect to the internet at the same time as my Flexijet 3D 2. How do I do this?” You may use an additional USB Wifi adapter to allow multiple simultaneous Wifi connections, or connect to the internet via alternative methods such as bluetooth tethering. Contact Flexijet North America Support at for more information and assistance.
“My Flexijet won’t turn on, or won’t charge”. Check the Master power button, located near the bottom under the left side. This switch must be in the ‘On’ position for Flexijet to charge and power on.
“My Flexijet was dropped or otherwise damaged. How do I check the calibration?” Contact Flexijet North America Support at 1-844-MY-FLEXI ext 2 or in order to connect for a remote calibration test. Remote calibration test setup requirements here
“My Xbox Controller is turned on and connected to my computer, but won’t control the Flexijet”. From the ‘File’ menu, open ‘General Preferences’ and then press ‘OK’. No changes are required – Flexijet Stone will look for connected remote controls by cycling the General Preferences Menu. See Xbox Controller Setup for more information.
“I don’t hear any sound when measuring” Check the volume level on your computer. Most audio sounds including measurement sounds are played through the computer’s speakers.
“Flexijet is powered on and connected, but the laser beam is turned off”. The laser light may have been turned ON/OFF. On the Flexijet ribbon, click the drop down under ‘Single Measurement’ and select ‘Laser ON/OFF’. Laser On/Off button under Single Measurement tab
Or, click the Right Bumper button on the Xbox controller (if connected).


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I’m measuring existing stone/quartz countertops and the measurements are slightly off. Use a target, or use a small piece of painter’s tape to ensure the Flexijet 3D’s laser does not penetrate into clear crystal elements
When projecting a CAD point, the laser is pointing above or below where I would like it to point. Show CAD-point projects points at the plane on which they exist. If, for example, the countertop slopes down, the point will be projected above the countertop. Use Quick Aim function or Show CAD-Point Perpendicular instead.
I created a hatch and digitized the hatch, but no points have appeared When using the ‘Digitize Hatch’ function, ensure that the variable for ‘Distance if exceeded points are shown’ is set to 0, or low enough to show points. This setting sets the minimum variation from the surface at which points will be shown. For example, if set to .5”, points that vary less than 1/2” from the surface will NOT be shown


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I re-opened a drawing and can’t find my 2D folders! Click on the small + next to your project folder in the Project Explorer to expand all folders
My project explorer/properties/command window have disappeared or moved Go to the ‘?’ (help) Tab and select ‘Reset to Standard Settings’ Reset to Standard Settings button
I’m unable to join two lines. May also receive message about elements not being coplanar. The elements to be joined may not be on the same plane. Contact Flexijet Support at 1-844-MY-FLEXI and for additional training
I would like to select object to edit in touch-mode Use the Selection tool from the bottom right tray, select objects and confirm selection. Select objects tool with arrow pointing to icon
My text and dimensions are disappearing when I leave a folder/sheet Check the option for ‘Show Dimensions and Text’ on the ‘View’ Ribbon to display dimensions and text Show Dimensions and Text on view ribbon


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