All instructions and safety instructions in this manual and the accessory documentation on the provided USB flash drive should be read and studied prior to working with the Flexijet. Keep these documents and refer back to them regularly to stay acquainted with proper use and care procedures.

Transport and Storage

Flexijet 3D is a sensitive, high-precision instrument and should be handled with due care. Always transport and store the device and it’s accessories in the carrying case provided. Failure to do may affect the accuracy of measurements or damage the device.

The Measuring head locking pin will automatically disengage upon startup to allow for rotation, and return the measuring head to the ‘home’ position and re-engage when powered off.

Safety instructions for using the Flexijet

  • The safety instructions of the manufacturer and the instructions of the operator are to be complied with. Missing or incomplete instructions could lead to operating errors or incorrect usage. This can lead to accidents where severe physical, material, property and environmental damages can occur.
  • Always ensure adequate protection of the measurement area (such as in public areas, on construction sites, located near running machines or open machine elements and facilities). Consider the specific local, state, and national safety and accident prevention regulations and road traffic regulations. Inadequate protection or marking of the measurement area could lead to dangerous situations in traffic, construction sites, industrial plants, etc.
  • Always ensure a firm footing and use the Flexijet only if you are on a stable, safe, and flat surface. Using ladders on slippery or unstable ground can cause the loss of control over balance and the Flexijet.
  • Maintain the Flexijet with care. Check that moving parts are working properly and are not stuck, whether parts are broken or damaged so that the function of the Flexijet is affected. Have the damaged parts repaired before using the Flexijet. A poorly maintained Flexijet may have an increased risk of accidents as a consequence.
  • When setting up the Flexijet, make sure that the accessories are properly adjusted, installed, secured and locked into place. Protect the Flexijet against mechanical impacts and damage. Improper installation of accessories on the Flexijet can possibly cause that mechanical influences, such as fall or impact, damage the Flexijet, make safety devices ineffective or endanger people.
  • No changes or modifications may be made to the Flexijet. Safety devices may not be disabled in any event. Modifications to the Flexijet may increase the risk of accidents.
  • Do not tamper with or remove warning signs.
  • Keep the Flexijet out of children’s reach. Flexijet should only be used by people with adequate safety information and training, including reading this manual and all other safety documentation.
  • Only spare parts and accessories approved by Flexijet are to be used.
  • Device damage or an increased risk of accidents is possible if using spare parts or accessories that are not approved by Flexijet.
  • Flexjet should only be serviced and repaired by a certified Flexijet Service Centre and only with manufacture-approved spare parts.
  • Do not use the Flexijet with Wifi in the vicinity of petrol stations, chemical plants, areas with risk of explosion and blasting areas, in the vicinity of medical devices and in aircraft.
  • There is a possibility of disturbance of other devices and systems, medical devices (such as pacemakers, hearing aids) and in aircraft. The possibility of harm to humans and animals can also not be ruled out entirely. Although the product complies with the current standards and regulations, which are required in this regard, Flexijet can not completely rule out the possibility of disturbance of other devices or harm to humans and animals.

Safety instructions for using the laser distance measurement device

  • Do not point the laser beam at persons or animals and do not stare into the direct or reflected laser beam.
    Otherwise, you could blind people, cause accidents or damage the eye.
  • If a laser beam hits the eye, the eyes should be closed consciously and the head should immediately be moved from the beam.
  • Make no changes to the laser equipment.
  • Have the laser distance measurement device repaired only by qualified technicians and only with original spare parts.
    This ensures that the safety of the laser distance measurement device is maintained.
  • Do not let children use the laser distance measurement device unsupervised. They could unintentionally blind persons.
  • Do not work with the laser distance measurement device in potentially explosive environments in which there are inflammable liquids, gases or dusts. Sparks can be generated in the laser distance measurement device that ignite the dust or fumes.

Safety instructions for using the batteries

  • Do not open the batteries. There is risk of a short circuit.
  • Protect the batteries against heat, such as from continuous sun exposure, fire, water and moisture. There is danger of explosion. Store the batteries indoors at temperatures between 0 °C and 40 °C.
  • Fumes can leak due to damage and improper use of the batteries. Provide for fresh air and consult a doctor if you have complaints. The fumes can irritate the respiratory tract.
  • Use the batteries only in conjunction with the Flexijet. Only this way are the batteries protected from dangerous overloading.
  • Use only original batteries of the Flexijet with the voltage specified on the nameplate of your power tool. When using other batteries, there is danger of injury and material damage due to exploding batteries.
  • Do not throw the batteries into an open fire. The batteries can explode due to high temperatures and cause serious injury.

Safety instructions for using the laser goggles

  • Do not use the laser goggles as safety goggles. The laser goggles are used for better detection of the laser beam in high-lighting situations, but they do not protect against the laser beam.
  • Do not use the laser goggles as sunglasses or in traffic. The laser goggles do not provide complete UV protection and reduce colour perception.

Intended use

  • The Flexijet is designed for measurement of length, height, angle, inclinations, surfaces and 3-dimensional points.
  • The Flexijet is primarily suitable for measuring in the interior.
  • Manual and automatic measurement of room dimensions and elements.
  • Perpendicular transfer of points and designs, such as from CAD drawings and plans.
  • Creation of drawings directly at the construction site.
  • Data import / export to the FlexiCAD software.


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