These are the typical steps used to setup Flexijet to measure a horizontal countertop.

  1. Set up your Flexijet and power on, and turn off ‘Tilt Monitoring’. Ensure your Flexijet is positioned to aim at all locations to be measured.
  1. Connect to your Flexijet’s Wifi Network. When the Flexijet’s screen background is Green, open Flexijet Stone software.
  1. Select the ‘Auto-Level’ button from the ‘Flexijet’ Ribbon, OR on the screen of the Flexijet.
  1. OPTIONAL: Align to cabinets/wall using the ‘Align to object’ function from the ‘Flexijet’ ribbon, OR on the screen of the Flexijet. You may also align later, using the ‘Align’ function
  1. In Flexijet Stone, go to the ‘Measurement’ ribbon and click/tap the ‘Countertop’ button. Name the Countertop folder, and press ‘OK’
    Countertop Button
  1. Now, the Command Window will display, ‘Please measure a point on the countertop’. Aim the Flexijet at the surface of the countertop/cabinets to be measured and measure a point to set the horizontal plane.
  1. When completed, the command line will display ‘Folder Countertop Active’, and the Project Explorer will display the Root folder (Kitchen) and the Countertop Folder (named in step 4), with the Countertop folder selected (text bold).
    Project Explorer with kitchen and Countertop folders
  1. You may now begin to measure your countertops. Use ‘Multiple lines’ to measure straight sections, measuring 2 points on each straight section. For walls and other surfaces that may bow in and out, use ‘Polyline’ or ‘Iines’ to measure (scribe) with multiple points on the surfaces.
    Flexijet in front of cabinet

To measure additional countertop areas:

  1. Auto-Level Flexijet in every new location. If you are moving to a new location using Repositioning/3D locations, Auto-leveling may be selecting as part of the ‘Resume location’ function.
  1. Now, use ‘Align to object’ to orient your the new canvas area by measuring a point on the left and right of the back wall, or front of countertop area. Note: be sure to use ‘Align to object’ on additional countertop areas, as the ‘Align’ function will now rotate the project plan view of all your folders/sheets.
  1. Select the Root folder (Home folder, often called ‘kitchen’ folder) from the Project Explorer by clicking on it’s text. (Don’t check the checkbox for this, select the folder by clicking on the text of the name) Project/root folder in Project Explorer
  1. From the ‘Measurement’ tab, select ‘Countertop’ and name your new countertop, and measure the point to set the horizontal plane of your new countertop surface.
  1. When switching between countertops, ensure that the correct folder is selected (active) in the Project Explorer when measuring.

To Import a Drop-in sink, cooktop, etc:

See the section, Import Drop-in


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