Click on Welcome Desk Check In, and then the Check In button, to bring up this screen.

Type the player’s first or last name, email address or phone number and click the Search Registration button to bring up this screen.

  • If there is more than one player with the same last name, you will see all of them.
  • The screen shows the number of events, indicated by the first arrow, that the player is registered for.
  • It also shows if there is a balance due for the registration fee.

Click on the menu button for the player to show the check in options.

From here you may:

  1. Continue to Check the Player In.
  2. Record a Payment – This can be used for an onsite cash or credit card payment.
  3. Make a CC Payment – This will bring up the credit card payment screen to allow the check in staff to collect credit card information.
  4. Discount – This will allow the check in staff to apply a discount to the registration. Discount codes must have been previously created by the Tournament Director.

Click Check in to bring up this screen.

From Here You May:

  1. Verify or enter a Cell Phone number.
  2. Verify or Enter the Cell Phone carrier.
  3. Confirm if the player would like to receive in game text messages of results and/or announcements.
  4. Check in for an event.
  1. If there are any check in items such as t-shirts or meal tickets to be distributed, this screen will display a verification option for pickup.