Players may be deleted or hidden from a session using either of the two following processes:

  1. Players who joined but did not play any league games may be deleted from the Session Players List on the League Management Menu by clicking on the trash can at the end of the row next to their name.
  2. Players who have played on at least one game day, can be hidden but not deleted. Click on the hide icon at the end of the row next to their name. Hidden players will appear at the bottom of the management list but not on the public list. They can be restored at any time by the manager.

Adjusting Rankings

  1. Managers may adjust rankings for a league at any time by using the up and down arrows next to the player’s name and then saving the new rankings.
  2. This is particularly recommended prior to the start of a new league if players are known to you. That will minimize wide swings in the rankings during the first few weeks of the session.