Basic Info Actions

  • Copy Event – this will make a copy of the event that can be modified as needed to create a similar event.
  • Copy Event for Merge – this will make a copy of the event that can be used to merge multiple events together. Click Here for information about the merge process.
  • Update All Ratings – this will update the ratings of every player registered for this event with their current rating in this event ONLY. The update will use the default rating specified by the tournament. e.g. PickleballBrackets, UTPR, WPR, etc. THIS CANNOT BE REVERSED.
  • Cancel Event – Use this to cancel an event with registered players.
  1. Active – Active events will show on the public website and will be eligible for registration. Disabled events do not show.
  2. Lock Public Registrations – To manually prevent more registrations you can select ‘Yes’ and the system will not let new players register for this event.
    This setting DOES NOT prevent managers from registering players for this event. They will have the ability to do so no matter what this setting is.
  3. Event Code – Used to direct score sheets for this event to the print spooler.
  4. Additional Medals for Age – This will automatically assign addition medals by five or ten year breakdown to this event.
  5. National Senior Games Event – Turn this on for any National Senior Games qualifying event. Click the Help link below this button for details about National Senior Games Qualifying Tournaments.
  6. Count Games Toward Ratings – Approximately one week after the tournament, new ratings for participants are calculated based on the results of their matches. To prevent matches from this tournament from being including in player ratings, select ‘No’.
  7. Waiting List Service – This action is ONLY for this event. This is an automated service that moves players from and to the waiting list based on their registration and the settings for the event. Select “On” to have the service automatically scan registrations and move them from and to the waiting list. Select “Off” to turn this service off.
  8. Is Wheelchair Event? – On or off. This will work with the Simulator to schedule this event only on courts that are wheelchair accessible and playable.
  9. Bracket Level – Select the appropriate category for this bracket. If Junior or Senior Discounts have been set, eligibility for those discounts are determined by the Bracket Level set here. Be aware that the software use fee for Pro events is higher than for amateur events.
  10. Bracket Format –
  • Single Elim. Bracket – The winner of each match advances to the next round in that bracket, and the loser is eliminated. Seeding can be done randomly or manually.
  • Double Elim. Bracket – The winner of each match advances to the next round in that bracket, and the loser moves to the losers bracket. Losing a match in the losers bracket eliminates a team from the competition. Seeding can be done randomly or manually. Selecting Double Elimination brings up the following screen:

Select Prevent if you want to stop the losers bracket from playing back up into the winners bracket. If selection is Prevent, the losers bracket players can ONLY win bronze at best. If selection is Prevent, the players in the gold/silver medal match in the winners bracket do NOT get a second gold/silver round. The loser of this round gets the silver. This selection reduces the event by 3 matches

  • Round-Robin – Round robin brackets list matches played by round and are formats in which each competitor plays against everyone in their division. Seeding can be done randomly or better skilled competitors can be match up against the weaker ones in the first round. The deciding factors for determining the winner can be number of matches won, head to head, total points earned, or point differential. Some events give a bonus to the winning team of each match won. In the event a tie occurs, various methods can be configured to calculate tie breakers. (see Event Info Page 5 for information about how to configure the priority of your factors)