When you complete a qualifying event, teams may be moved to another event based on the event settings for that event.

The process is the same for both Qualifying Scenario One and Qualifying Scenario Two.

  1. When the qualifier is over, click the big red button and the Main Draw and Consolation Events (Points Draw) will be populated. These will be in the Waiting Queue on the Live Console.
  2. Start and run these events.
  3. When you finish the matches in the Main Draw that are needed for the Bonus draw (if you have set one up) the system will automatically populate the Bonus Draw and it will be in the waiting queue.
  1. The system will automatically enter the correct number of team to the Points or Bonus Draw brackets. You do not have to go back and change the default or planned number of teams for these brackets.

Deleting Teams and Swapping Players from events using Qualifier setup

  1. If you’ve already created the brackets, or the Consolation (Points), Main, or Bonus draws were already populated and you wanted to remove a team you can do so by going to the live console, clicking One Step Verify, select the bracket from the select box, click the trashcan next to the team. This WILL auto re-verify the bracket.
  2. If you need to swap a player you can do so anytime. Before, during, or after the bracket has started.