If this tournament will use a lottery to select players, turn that option on and describe your lottery process.

If the lottery is turned on here, all players, except those who are pre-registered, will automatically be entered into the lottery.

Important Lottery Features:

  1. Registration fees and user fees are NOT collected for lottery sign ups.
  2. Once the lottery registration period ends, online sign ups will close and the TD must run the lottery.
  3. If the lottery switch is set to NO without running the lottery, all lottery players will be moved to the waiting list.
  4. Players selected from the lottery will receive a notice of the events they were selected for including a reminder to pay their registration fee.
  5. Registration may then be re-opened for partners of selected players, any remaining spots in events and for the waiting lists.

Once the lottery sign up period ends, turn on the Run Lottery switch and save the page. The lottery will run according to the selected algorithm, placing players in their chosen events. Any remaining players will be moved to the waiting list for their chosen event.