Players may choose one of the following devices to use

  1. A computer with internet access.
  2. A tablet with internet access.
  3. A mobile smart phone.

Player functions include:

  1. Setting up and maintaining an account
  2. Registering for a Tournament
  3. Viewing tournament sign ups, results, event details and statistics
  4. Viewing ratings for any player
  5. Sending messages to tournament directors or players looking for partners.
  6. Signing up as a referee or volunteer for a tournament
  7. Purchasing tournament items or services not included in the registration fee
  8. Joining a Club
  9. Registering for a League
  10. Entering League scores
  11. Viewing League sign ups, rankings, event details and statistics

Optional: will send tournament and league related text messages to any mobile phone number specified by a player in their account profile.