1. Cost Timeline
    This is the entry fee for the tournament.
    You can enter up to 5 changes for the cost and set them up based on date ranges. After a date has passed that cost will be locked and cannot be changed.
    If “In State Cost” is the same as “Out of State Cost” enter the same amount in both.
    The In State Cost will be applied to players who reside in the same state as the tournament venue. All others will be charged the Out of State Cost
  2. Service Fee Pay Method
    This is the fee paid by you to PickleballBrackets.com for the use of their site and services. The current fee is $2.00/player.
    All fees are based on registration sub totals and include withdrawn players. Fees are calculated before any and all discounts.
    This fee will be calculated and totaled after the tournament registration has concluded and be paid in full by the tournament director.
  • Pass Fee to Registrant – The fee will be passed on to the attendee during the registration process. A ‘Service Fee’ line item will be added to the checkout process of each registration.
  • Absorb Fee in Event – You already have this fee built into your registration cost per player. The fee WILL NOT be added to the attendee during the checkout process.
  1. Events Included in Cost
    Select the number of events that you wish to include with this tournament registration fee. If you will be charging extra for additional events, that fee will be set when you configure your events.