The Court Desk may be used to manage running events that have score sheets printed and matches in the Game Queue.

  1. Refresh – Click to show the most recent court desk matches.
  2. Venue – Select the venue.
  3. Score ID – May be used to manually retrieve a score card for any match.
  4. Filter List – For large tournament, use this to narrow down the list of event names that are shown on the screen
  5. Court Assignment Key
  • Greyed out – More than 10 minutes on the court
  • Yellow – On the court past the estimated match time.
  • To Do – Number of matches remaining in the running queue
  • On Court – Number of matches assigned to courts.
  • Completed – Number of matches in the completed queue.
  • Total – Total number of matches for the events in the running queue.
  • In Queue – Matches in the Game Queue
  1. Match on Court – Details include the time on court. (Greyed out to indicate more than 10 minutes.
  2. Match on Court – Less than 10 minutes.
  3. Refresh – Click to refresh the Game Queue
  4. Select – Drop Down menu for selecting matches to assign to courts. Matches are listed in order of the time they entered the Game Queue
  5. Manually – Used to assign a game to a court that is not currently in the Game Queue
  6. Court Numbers – Select the Court Number after selecting the match in order to assign it to a court.

Once a game is assigned to a court, click on the game to enter a score. After the score is entered, the game will automatically be removed from the court and new score sheets may print.