A round robin event with pools is configured by splitting the players or teams into two or more pools or playing groups. Every player or team will play every other one in their pool. A designated number of the top players or teams in each pool will move on to a playoff event. In this case, the playoff is configured as single elimination.

  1. Number of Rounds – The default for this is 1. For small groups, you may want to set up the event so that each player or team plays the others more than once. You can change that here.
  2. Medal Round Robin with Elimination Bracket
  • Single Elimination – Select Yes, play single elimination bracket medal rounds to automatically advance the top players or teams in each pool to a playoff. You must advance at least three to a playoff round
  • Custom Medal Round Options – If you choose a single elimination playoff option, there are four choices available.
    • Normal – First place vs. fourth place and second place vs. third place in the first round. Winners play for gold and silver, losers play for bronze. Two rounds of two matches.
    • Third seed automatically gets bronze and first and second play for gold/silver. One round of one match
    • First and second play for gold/silver and third and forth play for bronze. One round of two matches.
    • No Bronze Medal match.
  1. Double Elimination
    • No Custom Settings – The winner of the losers bracket will play the winner of the winners bracket for Gold.
    • Prevent – The winner of the losers bracket will automatically receive a bronze medal.
    • Bronze from Loser of Semi-Finals in the Winners Bracket
  1. Medal Round Options – Use the drop down menus here to specify the scoring rules for the single elimination medal round. The scoring rules control the verification of all scores entered during the event and the format of the printed score sheets. Select Official or Simple score sheets for the medal round here.
  2. Options for Printing Score Sheet.
    • Print Next Available Matches Automatically – Select YES to force the computer to print the score sheets automatically as they become available. Select NO if you will be printing all of the score sheets in advance.
    • Print Next Available Matches Round by Round – If you are printing score sheets automatically, do you want them printer in order, round by round? Or do you want to allow printing of any available match in any round?
    • Print Medal Bracket Next Available Matches Automatically – will print medal match score sheets automatically starting with the second round. First round medal match score sheets must be printed manually.
  1. Court Assignment Type – This setting controls how the daily planner assigns courts for this event once verification is completed. Designated courts will use the settings from your settings under Manage Event Court Counts and Start Times on the tournament management menu. Next Available will allow the Daily Planner to create the court schedule.
  2. Event Scoring Rules – Use these options to set the score sheet type and scoring rules for pool play and the number of players or teams from each pool that will advance to the playoff round. The scoring rules control the verification of all scores entered during the event and the format of the printed score sheets. The estimated minutes per match will be used to generate the daily time schedule.