Each physical location used by the club should be created here. These locations will be used when creating leagues and tournaments.

  1. Venue Title – The venue should have a formal name that will display on the club website and will help identify the venue for potential players. It can also have an informal or alternate name.
  2. Is Primary – Check for Yes. The primary location will be used for the map on the details screen and anytime the address is displayed on behalf of the club.
  3. Copy – Click here to make a copy of this location. If you are adding additional locations, you will be able to modify the copy.
  4. Surface and Play Area – These options tell players what the playing conditions of the tournament and facility are.
  5. Ball – List the ball used at that location here. You may also include a link for players to visit the official ball website.
  6. Parking Info- Select Yes or No for a parking fee and use the box for detailed descriptions of the parking area and its location relative to the playing venues.
  7. Add New – Use this button to add a new location. (you may also use the copy link above for the same purpose.)