1. Click here to add your league logo. This can be the same as your club logo.

File types accepted are: ‘png’, ‘jpg’, and ‘jpeg’.
The uploaded logo must meet the minimum size of:
Width: 600 pixels.
Height: 315 pixels.
The image MUST completely fill the specified area.
NOTE: This is NOT an editing software. This upload tool simply allows you to upload and resize your logo to fit our constraints. You may need to use an image editing software prior to uploading to get your desired results. These sections of the manual explain how to use image editing software to change the size of a logo:

How to Add a Logo That is Too Large

How to Add a Logo That is Too Small

  • Click on the Logo Upload box.
  • Either double click on your image or click on your image and select open.

Once you upload your image you will see the cropping tool.

Buttons across the top allow you to:

  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Auto Resize
  • Reset back to the Original Size
  • Save the Image
  • Cancel the Upload

The slide bar below the image may also be used to zoom in and out.

  1. Click on the primary contact button and search for a primary contact. That person must have a player account. The same process can be used to add a second league contact person.