Once a skill level event has been created, it can easily be split into age groups using the Manage Splits option on the event sidebar menu. This is a powerful feature that allows Tournament Directors to create and modify age brackets before, during and after the registration period. When age splits are created either before or during the registration period, players will register into those age groups. Age splits are also used by the Planner Snapshot to create a potential schedule based on the expected number of players in each age group.

  1. Before Registration Opens – Age group splits can be created so that players can register by age within a specific skill level.
  2. During Registration – Age groups can be expanded or shrunk to modify the size of the bracket. Players will automatically be moved to the appropriate age group.
  3. After Registration Closes – Age groups can be created from any skill level event in order to split one event into multiple skill level/age group events or combine or combine age groups into one event.
  1. Before Registration Opens – Using the Age group split functionality, Tournament Directors can create separate skill level/age group events. Once created, these events cannot be modified using the manage splits function.