Prior to an event, you may print all of the score sheets. This is typical for round robin events with assigned courts. From the waiting queue, click on Print Score Sheets icon.

Available choices for score sheet printing are:

  1. Official Score Sheet – for matches that will be officiated.
  2. Simple Score Sheet – provides spots for final score entry and team signatures
  3. Print first round matches ONLY – choose this for single or double elimination events where only the team names for the first round are assigned.
    • Print ALL unplayed matches that have both teams* – For a round robin event, this will print all except the score sheets for any playoff rounds.
  4. Print ALL unplayed matches that have both teams (including matches without teams). – For round robin events, playoff matches will be printed without names. For double or single elimination events, names will only be printed on first round matches.
  5. Page break after each match? – Leave this as Yes for one score sheet per each full or half sheet of paper fed through the printer. Change to No to print two score sheets on a full page.