1. Medal Round Robin with Elimination Bracket – Single or double elimination playoffs may be added to any round robin event.
  2. Match Win Bonus Points – You may choose to award bonus points to teams that win a match. Bonus points would be added in if you specify points as one of your deciding factors. Bonus points do not impact point differential calculations.
  3. RR Head to Head Tie Breaker Logic – Choose the tie breaker logic you want to use for your tournament. Click HERE for a detailed description of the choices.
  4. What Decides Winner? – This is how your tournament decides the winner of each Round Robin event. Move options into the priority order you wish them to be considered.
    1. Match Wins – Rank by number of wins. If ties are possible in your game, they’ll be factored in as well.
    2. Head to Head – Winner of the game or games played against one another.
    3. Points Earned + Bonus (within entire pool) – The total number of points a participant scored throughout the tournament.
    4. Point Differential (within entire pool) – Total points scored minus points given up for ALL bracket matches. For example Player 1 wins (11-7), the point difference is 6. Player 2 loses (7-11), the point differential is -6. The higher the point differential, means there is a greater point spread a player beat their opponents. The system will add the total differential and the player with the highest point differential is the winner.