Medal Round Robin with Elimination Bracket – Single or double elimination playoffs may be added to any round robin event.

  • No – Choose this award medals based on the final standings of Round Robin play.
  • Yes – Play Single elimination medal round.
  • Yes – Play Double elimination medal round. – Double elimination playoffs have options that can shorten the medal round playoffs.

Prevent losers bracket from going back up to winners bracket – Select this option if you want to stop the losers bracket from playing back up into the winners bracket.If selected the losers bracket players can ONLY win bronze at best.If selected the players in the gold/silver medal match in the winners bracket does NOT get a second gold/silver round. The loser of this round gets the silver. This selection reduces the event by 3 matches

Bronze from losers of semi-finals in winner bracket – Select this option if you want the bronze match to be created from the losers of the semi-finals in the winners bracket. This selection reduces the event by 4 matches

RR Head to Head Tie Breaker Logic – Description of the IFP Round Robin Tie Breaker Logic