From this page, tournament directors may view, add and edit attendee records. This top portion of the screen includes options for locating and adding new players. A complete list of registered and withdrawn players follows.

  1. Filtering Options – Use these options to narrow down your list to certain events, registration and payment categories. You may search for a specific player by entering the player name in the search box.
  2. Search – Click here to initiate the search.
  3. Reset – Click here to reset the search parameters.
  4. Export the List – Click here to export the current list to an Excel file.
  5. Add a New Attendee – Click here to add a new player.
  6. Update All Player Event Ratings – Click here to update all current player ratings for all events to their current rating. This option will use the rating priority set by the tournament director under the Sanctioned, Approved and Ratings menu option.
  1. Quick Search – Click on a letter to narrow your search to players whose last name starts with that letter.
  2. Remove – Click here to remove the current last name letter.