1. Type a Custom Title – The system can auto generate a title for this event. (Note that the title shown here is different from the title on the page heading because the age range of the bracket was changed while editing. The new title will be saved when your edits are confirmed.) If you would rather type your own custom title you can select ‘Yes’ for this option.
  1. Title – Type your title here or leave the generated title in place
  2. Subtitle – Use this to add additional information about the event. Subtitles are displayed on the public event and player lists.
  3. Third Party Code – Use this field if you need to give your event a specific code. This value is not used in PickleballBrackets.com although may help relate to another system.
  1. Import Code – Not used by the system.
  2. Is Private Event? – You can designate any event within a tournament as a private event. That will restrict registration to players who have the private code.
  3. Venue – This is the physical location where this event will be played. In most cased this is the same location as the primary tournament location although bigger tournaments may have multiple locations. Use the drop down menu to change the location of this event.
  4. Link to Parent Activity – If the roster of players for this event will be determined by the results of a previous event, select the previous event here. An example of this would be the need to create more than one single elimination playoff where the players come from a previous round robin event. The previous round robin event is the Parent Event.
  5. Allow ‘Need a Partner – Select this option if you allow player to register with a status of “Need a Partner”. Players who need a partner will be shown on the main Player by Event listing with a Contact button next to their name so that other players without partners may get in touch with them.
  6. Register Same ‘Player Group’ & ‘Format’ Combo Override – It will apply only to this event. For example: If this event is Men’s Skinny Singles and you want players to also be able to register for Men’s Singles, switch this to Yes.