Regular Ladder League – This will require that the League Director complete some preliminary steps to prepare the Game Day matches.

  1. The Session Menu Link
  2. Add New Player – The League manager can add a player from here.
  3. Export Opt Ins – Will export a list of the opted in players to a CSV file.
  4. Start Matches – This button will start the matches using the current game day configuration. Select this when all opt ins, opt outs and groups are finalized.
  5. Lock Opt In/Opt Outs – Select this when opt ins and opt outs are completed to view and modify the playing groups.
  6. RSVPs – This shows the current status of RSVPs including any waiting list players.
  7. Groups – This will show the groups once the opt ins are locked.
  8. Matches – This will show the matches and allow score input once the matches are started.
  9. Summary of the Game Day opt ins/opt outs and waiting list.
  10. Seed by Standing – If the manager has rearranged the groups, this button will reseed all of the opted in players by their current league standing.