Each League is made up of Sessions. Sessions are groups of game days that can run multiple weeks. Some sessions are only six to eight weeks long. Others run a year or more. The league manager determines the length of the session, often based on a billing period for the league or seasons of the year (fall, winter, spring and summer). Most of the specific parameters of a league are set up within the session. This includes such items as:

  1. Age/Skill Limitation
  2. Maximum Number of Teams/Players for the session
  3. Maximum Number of Teams/Players for the game day
  4. Count Games Toward Club Ratings
  5. Use Flex Play
  6. Signup / Payment Type
  7. Allow non-club members to play OR restrict play to only club member.
  8. New Player Starting Point
  9. Registration Details
  10. Registration Dates
  11. Date for age calculation
  12. Online registration ability: Y/N
  13. Registration Fees
  14. Ranking Type