Traditional Leagues are those that take place over a set period of time. The format is round robin and each team or person, if it is a singles league, will play each other once over the time period. Setup options for a traditional league are restricted to those necessary for round robin events involving two teams or players.

The Ranking Type follows current IFP guidelines and score formats are limited to only those that apply to two teams (or players for a singles league).

Things to Know:

  1. Since a traditional league is scheduled as a round robin, the league director should allow enough game days in the schedule for all registered teams to play each other once for a single round robin format. If there are not enough game days in the schedule, some teams will not be scheduled to play each other.
  2. More than one game day can be scheduled for a week in order to assure that there are enough game days in the schedule for all teams to play each other.
  3. Scores may be entered in any order and games do not have to be played on the actual date listed. This allows games to be played and scores entered at any time. Entered scores may be edited up to 24 hours after they are initially entered.
  4. There is no opt in period for game days. All teams are scheduled to play. However, subs may be designated for missing players.
  5. Traditional league standings are displayed in ladder format and are adjusted after every game that is played.