Start matches by clicking on the Waiting button on the Live Console and then selecting Start Matches (either with or without a text message) from the event menu.

Select the Running button on the Live Console to view all running events.

  1. QR Reader – Will activate the QR reader for score input and court and referee assignment.
  2. Court Desk -
  3. One Step Verify – Not applicable for running events but may be activated here for events in the Waiting Queue.
  4. Assign Refs After Play – Allows the assignment of refs to matches that have already been played.
  5. Blank Score Sheets – Will print blank score sheets in any scoring configuration.
  6. Running Event Menu Options -
  7. Print Score Sheets – Use this to reprint score sheets for the entire event. Individual score sheets for specific games may be printed by clicking on the Event Name and Link option 9 below.
  8. Print Roll Call – Print a list of teams in the event.
  9. Event Name and Link – Click here to enter scores, print score sheets or view the detailed progress of the event.
  10. Start – The time that the event started.
  11. Printed No Court – The number of score sheets that have been printer but are not assigned to a court.
  12. To Do – The number of matches remaining in the event that have not been played.
  13. On Court – The number of pending matches that already have a court assignment.
  14. Comp. – The number of completed matches.
  15. Total – All matches for this event.