Start matches by clicking on the Waiting button on the Live Console and then selecting Start Matches from the event drop down menu.

Select the Running button on the Live Console to view all running events.

3. QR Reader – Will activate the QR reader for score input and court and referee assignment.
4. Blank Score Sheets – Will print blank score sheets in any scoring configuration.
5. Event Menu Options – These are the same as options for the Waiting Queue teams except for No Medals Awarded. Use this to decline to award medals for this event.
6. Print Roll Call – Print a list of teams in the event.
7. Start – The time that the event started.
8 Courts – Courts that are assigned to this event.
9 Hold – The number of matches remaining in the event that have not been played or assigned to a court.
10 Pend – The number of pending matches that already have a court assignment. They may be currently playing or on deck.
11 Comp. – The number of completed matches.
12 Total – All matches for this event.