This screen includes multiple options for managing your courts.

  1. The Tournament Menu – Use this to move between different tournament management functions.
  2. Your Management Menu – This allows you to switch between managing tournaments, leagues, clinics and organizations.
  3. Print Page – Click here to print the current page..
  4. Generate Planner – Use this to generate a complete schedule for each day of your tournament after you verify each event.
  5. Save – Save all changes.
  6. Send Start Time Emails – Click here to send start time emails and text to all players once the final schedule is created.
  7. Events to Show – Select to show all events or only those events with registrations.
  8. Location Title – Location titles are set up on the main tournament setup screen. If there is more than one location for this tournament, use the drop down menu to switch.
  9. Registrations – The number of players registered for the event.
  10. Teams – The number of full and partial teams registered for the event.
  11. Pools – For Round Robin events, the number of pools that have been created for the event.
  12. Matches – The total number of matches. This is calculated when events are verified.
  13. Needed Courts -Use this drop down menu to select the number of courts you wish to allocate to this event.
  14. Excluded Courts – The default is to specify all courts for each event. Use this button to exclude certain courts from this event.
  15. Start Time – This is the specified start time for the event taken from the event record. You may change it here.