1. Select the day(s) of the week that the league will play.
  2. Select the start time.
  3. Select the number of weeks.
  4. Select the maximum number of players allowed to opt in for a game day. This can be less than the maximum number of players in the league. If you wish to activate the waiting list option, turn that option on in your session settings, set this to the max number of players you can handle and then create the waiting list final automatic movement time period in Number 8 below.
  5. Select the first game date.
  6. Select the amount of time prior to each game day that players can begin to opt in. Players must opt themselves in if they want to play on any game day.
  7. Select the end of the opt in time period.
  8. Select the final time period that waiting list players can be automatically added to the game day. For example, if you want to assure that waiting list players have enough time to change any plans and arrive on time to play, you might want to set this time to at least a few hours prior to the start of each game day.