When a tournament is created, it will have one event that the director may change as needed. That event can then be copied and modified to create all of the other tournament events. As you change the first event on the list, pay special attention to factors that you will repeat for other events. These include such things a dates, bracket formats, waiting list options, time display format and costs. If you standardize these with the first event, you will have fewer edits to make on the later copies.

Some features can be edited from the Main event screen.

These include:

  1. The date and time of the event
  2. Waiting list status, On or Off
  3. How to display the time on the main player and event screens.
  4. The maximum number of teams in an event.
  5. The maximum number of teams permitted on the waiting list.
  6. Whether or not to print the next score sheet automatically while the event is running. This should be turned off for round robin events where all of the score sheets are printed in advance.
  7. The price for this event, if there is one.

These changes can be made to as many events as needed from this screen. Once all changes are made, click on the Green save button that will appear on the upper left side of the screen to save all of your changes.