League Structure

Before creating a league it is important to understand the ongoing structure of the league system. Although a seasonal league can be set up as a one time event running for a fixed number of game days, most leagues are ongoing. They will often consist of continuing sessions such as fall, winter, spring, etc. Each season would be set up as a new session of the existing league and in the following fall, a new league would not be created but a new session of the existing league would be added.

The advantages of this league structure are:

  1. Player standings can be easily preserved during the transition from one session to another
  2. Using the online registration system, existing players can be given a special pre-registration time period for the new session.
  3. If the league director is managing all registrations, existing players can be quickly added to the new session while maintaining their league ranking.

Using this structure, the league name should reflect the eligibility of players to join rather than the season of the league.

For example:

  • A league that is open to all players in a club could be named The District One Coed All Levels League
  • A similar men’s league could be named The District One Men’s All Levels League
  • Restricting the league by skill level would require a name such as The District One Men’s 3.0-3.5 League