Account Setup

  1. A tournament director set up an account for me and I can’t log in. What do I do now?
  • If the tournament director used your email address to set up the account, you should use that email address to attempt a log in. Click the Forgot Password link on the log in page to create a a password for your account and then log in. Click HERE for directions.
  • If the tournament director created a temporary password for you to register and pay for a tournament, ask the tournament director to edit your registration record and change the email address to your correct email address. Then follow the directions above to use the forgot password link to create a password. Click HERE for directions.

Account Changes

  1. How do I change my player profile?
  • You can change your player profile to update any item including your email address. Log in to your account. From the drop down menu under your name, select My Profile. On a computer that will be on the upper right of the screen. On a phone, you will find it by clicking on the menu button next to your name at the top and then on your name at the bottom. Be sure to save any changes.

Searching for a Tournament

  1. I’m trying to search for a tournament in a specific state but there are no states on the drop down menu.
  • A country must be selected before you select a state. After a country is selected, all the states and provinces in that country will appear on the state drop down menu. Click HERE for directions.

Searching for a Player or Player Rating

  1. I’m looking for a player who I know has a history of playing in tournaments, but I can’t find him/her.
  • Be sure that you have spelled the name correctly. You can search by either first or last name. Instead of the full name, you can type in the first 2 or more characters of the name and the search will bring up every match.
  • Only players with a account will be found with the player search function.
  1. I found the player who I was searching for but he/she does not have a tournament rating or the rating is not the same as their association rating (UTPR, Pickleball Canada, etc.)
  • Tournament ratings are only calculated for tournaments using Players who have not played in a tournament will only have a self rating.
  • Individual associations have their own procedures for calculating ratings. Although they may use the data from, their calculation algorithm may be different, thus resulting in a different rating.


  1. I registered for a tournament and so did my partner. Even though we selected each other, we did not get matched up for our event. What happened?
  • This usually occurs when a player registers with one email address but is then picked as a partner by someone using a different email address to find them. If the partner is not found and they enter the partner information manually, with the wrong email address, the team won’t be matched up. Contact each other to be sure you are each using the correct email addresses to get matched up. The player who used the wrong email address to search should log in and edit their registration to start a new partner search with the correct address. To prevent this from happening, use a name to search instead of an email address but be sure to spell the name correctly. Click HERE for directions.
  1. I registered for a tournament and paid via PayPal, but my registration does not show on the list of players and events. What should I do?
  • If you received a PayPal receipt and a receipt for your registration, you should wait 15 minutes or so to see if your registration appears. If not, use the Contact Tourney button on the main tournament webpage to get in touch with the tournament director.
  • If you did not receive either or both of the receipts, use the Contact Tourney button on the main tournament webpage to get in touch with the tournament director.
  1. I received an email saying that I had been moved to the waiting list for an event, even though the event still shows a number of open slots. Why did that happen?
  • Tournament directors can specify a time period for partners to register to guarantee a team’s spot in an event. If a player registers but their partner does not sign up within that time period, the player will be automatically moved to the waiting list. Once the partner registers, the team will be moved back in if there are still spots available in the event.
  1. How do I withdraw from a tournament or change my registration?
  • For detailed directions, click HERE
  1. I am a member of a club and have played in club leagues and tournaments but my club ratings are not being calculated for all of my games. Why not?
  • Club ratings are only calculated for games where all of the players are club members AND the club manager has turned the club rating feature on. Club ratings are calculated for coed matches if that option is selected by the club manager. There is a fee charged for clubs to calculate ratings so you should check with your club manager to determine if the club has opted in to that fee.