Event Settings – Use these options to set the scoring rules for the event. The scoring rules control the verification of all scores entered during the event and the format of the printed score sheets.

  1. Prevent Losers bracket from going back up to the winners bracket – If losers cannot go back up, then the best that a losers bracket team can do is 3rd place. This option saves at least one match on the schedule.
  2. Winners – The parameters for all matches played in the winners bracket.
  3. Losers – The parameters for all matches played in the losers bracket.
  4. Bronze – The parameters for the Bronze medal match.
  5. Gold/Silver – The parameters for the Gold/Silver match.
  6. Gold/Silver second match if Winners first loss – The parameters for that match. This can only occur if the winner of the losers bracket can go back up to play for silver or gold.