GENERAL SECURITY runs completely on an SSL certificate to ensure all data being transferred from and to its application is secure.

All Account Holders

  1. Pickleball Brackets LLC does not sell any information gathered on the site.
  2. Login is ONLY done using 2 stage authentication to prevent automated hacking.
  3. Passwords are stored as a ONE WAY encrypted hash using a one-time randomly generated value, thus preventing password theft by an unauthorized user or hack. This complies to federal law.
  4. NO password is ever sent as plain text to a person’s email account. This would violate federal law.
  5. A forgot password email option is given and a verification is sent to the email address with a link to change the password. The only person that gets this option is the person who owns the email account.
  6. No player’s contact or private information is ever displayed on the site.

Organization Managers and Tournament and League Directors

  1. Each manager can have their own security profile.
  2. Each profile allows that manager to do and see certain things in the administration area.