1. Available to Players – Do you want the players to answer this question?
  2. Available to Guests – Do you want guests to answer this question?
  1. Is the user required to answer this question? – Can the user leave this question unanswered or is it required.
  2. Show this item on the check-in screen – Sometimes you give certain items to the registered person during check-in. If this question represents one of those items then select “Yes” here. You can also select Yes if you just want to confirm selection of a particular item, such as a lunch order, with the player when they check in.
  3. Show this item on the receipt – Answers that can be selected (not typed into a text field) can be shown on the receipt if you desire. ALL answers with a monetary value associated to them will show on the receipt.
  4. Is there a fee associated with the question – Will you be charging a fee for the selected answer?
  5. Can the answer be changed after registration is completed? – After a person completes the form AND completes checkout, can they come back at a later time and change their answer to this question?
  6. Date the answer can not longer be changed – If you allow answers to be changed on this question you can specify a date they can no longer change the answer.
  7. If the player withdraws from the tournament, what happens? – If a player withdraws from the tournament do you want to leave all the related answers to this question or remove it.This is important because some questions have fees associated to them and ordering merchandise may be impacted.