The Training Database

Once a tournament or league is set up, the director will have access to a copy of it through the training database. By logging in to the training database, a director may practice the processes and steps needed to run the tournament or league using that copy with current actual data.

Things to know about the training database:

  1. You will need to log in separately when you load the database. Your regular login does not carry over.
  2. The training database holds an exact copy of your tournament or league. COPIES ARE GENERATED PERIODICALLY, AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK, OFTEN NIGHTLY.
  3. Do not assume that any changes you make will be carried over to the following day.
  4. All player messaging and text features are turned off in the training database.
  5. You may make changes to the schedules, events, formats, attendees, scores, needed and they will not impact the actual league or tournament.

Best uses for the training database.

  1. Testing bracket configurations including age splits.
  2. Practicing verification.
  3. Practicing score input.
  4. Practicing how to make last minute changes to running events or leagues.
  5. Practicing use of the tournament Court Desk.
  6. Testing the effect of different league setup options.
  7. Testing the game day management process for leagues.